Girl in Beacon Hill Park

Beacon Hill Park, by Emily Isaacson {sepia}

I took this photo in remembrance of a story of a young girl who was photographed in Beacon Hill Park in about the 1960's. She could not walk, and wore a brace, was wheeled about in a wheelchair. At her insistence, when the aunts who cared for her finally let her out of her chair to swing on the swings with the other children, she was healed, and was able to walk. They took her picture in front of the flowers, and well... when the photo was developed, it held not the girl in black and white, but the face of Christ.

I saw the photograph for myself when I visited an elderly woman at nine years old, and it was such a miracle that have remembered it ever since.

In every photo I took, starting here in Beacon Hill Park, with my husband at the time who was paralysed from the waist down, sitting on a park bench... I attempted only to catch a glimpse of the master's face.

Somehow the transcendent will appear, it will make itself known, if not through a photograph, through the ordinary progression of life as we choose to serve those who can't repay us.

In poverty of spirit,


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