The 40th Anniversary

My parents' 40th anniversary was last June, and we had somewhat of a family reunion.This was a wonderful time for my family to meet again with all the kids and grandkids at the Headley homestead. Now you can join in the festivities by viewing the 40th anniversary website or video here  that I made.


Two Olive Trees

Jason and Medea by J.W. Waterhouse

The two olive trees is a reocurring theme in my poetry, and refers to the two prophets in Revelations 11 who stand before the God of the whole earth. Since I was born on the eleventh, I believe this prophetic image stands in reference to the poetry and music I write, even through I am a woman. This position would not normally be relinquished unto a woman, but the Lord has shown his favor to me and I have to live up to its high expectation of how I should relate to others in the way that Christ has ministered unto me. This is not an easy role to be in, or one without its great expectations, but I know that if we continue in the way of life, we will reach our end destination, which is heaven.

The two prophets stand over the prophetic church of the end times is a spiritual hierarchy, which means, their words are most important and carry the most influence. Everyone would be tortured if they were to suffer, and so they must be protected before the Lord from evil influences. I believe in this way, they are the patrons of the persecuted church and are in constant prayer for the blood of the saints, like sweet incense.

May the Lord carry out his work with his two servants always at his side, that the seven lampstands may be filled with oil, in continuous praise. Whenever someone insults or tries to injure his prophets, fire comes from their mouths and consumes their enemies. The people of the Lord, who fear him, have the most respect for his prophets, who are not afraid to speak his words, and bring atonement for the sins of Jerusalem.

May the Lord hover even now as a mother over her people and shelter them with her wings from the words and accusations of the evil one. May she gather her flock, and keep the lambs from the slaughter of perdition. May she birth children with spiritual eyes and ears that are responsive to the work of her hands, and worship in spirit and truth.