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The Legend of The Fleurs de Lys

Well I have received a record number of Christmas cards this year, and among them, a card with the legend of the fleurs de lys on the back. I have posted this on my Institute website because I think this information is very significant about the nature of how history repeats itself: 

The Fleurs de lys:  Commemorating the marriage of the Duke of Bedford to Anne of Burgundy, the manuscript was given as a Christmas gift to their nephew, nine-year-old Henry VI in 1430.
The British Library, Add. MS 18850, f.288v
My book the Fleur-de-lis was given to Prince William after his wedding to Kate Middleton, and the original manuscripts were sent to him as Christmas gifts in 2005, 2006, and 2008. 

This book was published by Tate Publishing (2017 note: Tate Publishing is now in transition, and the book is not currently available).

Wishing everyone a Wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year from the Emily Isaacson Institute!