Bringing In The Sheaves

Willful, and of the roots
of a great tree,
from every continent,
they shall, singing,
converse with the morn.

Seeing how they were, captives,
freed, and in their prime
harvested from earth’s mortal
snare and the toil of sweat.

Here, they shall be of one love
to rival youth, and the fortune
of the rich.

The poor shall gather in their arms
a woman of finest comely
gesture, and on a stage as a ballet,
she shall bring the ancient sheaves
to a royal coronation.

Emily Isaacson



Olive Tree

Syrian Pear


Yellow Wild Pea

Star of Bethlehem

Sea Daffodil

Sour Cherry

Rose of Sharon

Rice Millet

Jerusalem Buttercup

Acacia tree

The flora & fauna of Israel show its remarkable beauty in all seasons.
Israel has a beautiful legacy, as the country of the Jewish race and deserves to be protected: both spiritually and physically.
From the place of Jesus' birth to the founding of a world wide religion that has for its liturgy a bestselling book: The Bible... this country had appeared in the news recently as the country that Canada protects. These allies align as Jerusalem becomes the focus of the end times, the city in which Christ was crucified.