The Last Battle

You may remember in the last book of The Chronicles of Narnia, by C.S. Lewis, how Prince Tirian had for his closest friend, a unicorn. The beautiful and mythic creature invites us to contemplation, to enclosure, to a medieval spiritual world that in his case was corrupted by evil, and resulted in many people suffering from disillusionment in their inability to see or hear from the Great Lion Aslan.
For some reason during this time, Aslan was not making himself known to the people. Instead, there were two impostors of lions, the monkey Shift, and his lion-skin dressed partner, a donkey named Puzzle. No matter how you dress a donkey, it is still a brute creature, and the imitation of intelligence and bravery can only cover up so much cowardice.

In our day and age, I hope we are not dressing up in old lion skins to cover up for our lack of true character: the nature of chivalry, justice and liberty. We are hesitant to go the extra mile for anyone, even if this defines love. We so often sow hurtful or demeaning words towards those we don't understand, and we look down on those with less money or possessions.

We are also inundated with things to buy, places to go, and zoom zoom.

When we cherish the simplicity of the things that money cannot buy, we are looking for what makes up the threads of family and friendship. Eventually, if we consider the songs and stories of life as essential, we will have a tapestry of legacy that will bind together generations with the essence of what heals.

We must begin to heal with our words, our uncomplaining gestures, our heart intentions, or we will maim what is most precious to us.

When the intimacy we value the most seems so far removed in this day, we can know that the nature of God he put in each person to draw us to himself will draw us to become the character he wants us to be. If you are singing a song that speaks of truth, it comes from your inner being, and you will continue to sing, even if you are cast into the darkest prison.

Never give up, for this may be the last battle.


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