Footprints of Waterhouse

The enchantment of Waterhouse makes its way into the present with the dozens of his historic paintings of figures of Greek and English mythology. I have almost a half-dozen life sized Waterhouse hanging in my home, a gallery of tribute to the namesake of The Waterhouse Foundation. Almost daily we add to the number of artists who wish to associate themselves with our cause to further contemporary art forms under the name of this great painter who pinioned like no other the muse.

I invite artists from around the world to make themselves known through our networking directory and become registered artists as never before. There is a passion and inspiration that births itself in the discipline of the many mediums of contemporary art forms, but we must first approciate the art of others before we strike out to do something of our own. Each artist sees from within his own heart, through his own lens, on his own unique life's road, and creates through art a paradigm for interpretation of the world, nature, literature, movement and film.

There is something beautiful in capturing the poor, the cultures of the earth, nature's resplendent roar, the sea, the seasons, and the dance of mythic legend imprinted on the face of the earth like footprints.

Where we walk, angels fear to tread.


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