House of The Unicorn

Inside the mind of the poet, in the house of the unicorn, there is a pale gold haunt of the spiritual nature and silver horn of truth. The unicorn, shaking his horn, salty-sea-fire, has words of revelation. The myth is central to his imagination and contemplation. The dance of time is his leadership to remain in the center of perfect will with absolute timing.

Revelation is the language of encouragement instead of information and contempt, indifference. It speaks to the spirit instead of the mind through symbol and metaphor, through verse and poetry. It provides images and art to nourish the spirit with a feast instead of veritable starvation. To eat of its table, we must accept the invitation to be part of eternity, to come in to the mother of peace.

The church in the end times is like a unicorn with no horn. It is a church without revelation, and missing its empowerment of the prophetic. It has the power of contemplation of a child in a bomb shelter. It suspects its judgement as innacurate, and its perception as evil under a plethora of occult books, movies and influences. It contantly corrects and overcorrects its inner imagination to newsprint and fact, to secular viewpoint and modern worldview.

When will we listen to the wind, the stars, the sea, to the cultures still paddling in birchbark canoes, and hear their perception of the creator in a galaxy of old meteor stones? We must listen, for the roar of our society drowns what is tranquil, quiet, and perceptive. It distorts the messages that regulate our bodies and our minds to create health. We must learn to listen to our bodies and its senses to write, to understand poetry, to be balanced and in balance, to be healthy and without disease.

The lion and the unicorn is a symbol, constituent of the coat of arms, metaphoric image of Scotland and England. The veil of romance is in their shield, as they represent the union of marriage. The lion and the unicorn must not divorce, but even now question their union. As one country asks to be removed from the Commonwealth, the nations watch. Canada states its cause, its needs, its requirement of spiritual influence which is uncorrupted. It presents its cause in the book 'The Fleur-de-lis', in three volumes, coming to bookstores March 2011.


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