The Fleur-de-lis

"When Aurias comes stately home,
and banners of the sea doth fly...."

THE FLEUR-DE-LIS, dedicated to Prince Willam

This book featuring the stylised lily as main character will be released March 29 and is in three volumes.

In the movie Legend, starring Tom Cruise, there were two characters, Lily and Jack. In this book, there is a section called Legend, based on the movie, and Lily is the narrative voice of the childlike Empress writing to C.S. Lewis.

I am now just finishing up the publication of this book of poetry with Tate for its release early next year.

I started by burning all my poems, before I left on the road of life, thinking I couldn't take then with me. Then after I was awake nights, I began writing all my poems down one by one. The ones I remember off by heart are in this book in the Oracle of the Stone. The rest I have composed since then, over the last six years.

Finally comes the poet . . .  Starring Emily Isaacson and Joe Armstrong
in over 800 poems and prose.

Two poets corresponding with a monarch, deep in thought.

Yours Truly,


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