Queen Anne's Lace

The story tells us
of a Queen in a royal garden ...
and her riveting court:
to equate justice and liberty

to remind us to hope

for a future

that builds on dreams

and writes


House of the Rose
The wild carrot flower
grew in the royal garden,
and the Lady of Denmark,
consort to the King,
was an expert lace maker.

She challenged the court ladies
to create their best lace,
in the fine and dainty
fashion of the garden flower,
antique white.

No one could rival
the Queen Anne’s handiwork,
so fair and lovely
was her pattern: as the white
florets of her lace collar.

As the legend says,
she pricked her finger
and a single drop of blood
fell in the center, coloring it purple
and so it remains to this day.
Emily Isaacson

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