Coco the Cat

I have been living in the Clearbrook area for one month now. On Canada Day, I celebrated my niece Angel's half-birthday, since she was born on Christmas Day. I gave her a single pink rose in a gold box in honor of her graduation from elementary school. It was also the one year anniversary of our international non-profit organization, which I founded last year on Canada Day.

Just yesterday, I adopted a cat that is part Persian, part Siamese. Her former owners couldn't keep her anymore, and I noticed their ad in the paper. I drove out to their house in the country, and met this wonderful feline, for an addition to my eclectic condo lifestyle. I live quite happily alone and thought I could use the company. Her name is Coco. Although we are still getting adjusted, I think it is going to be a good match.

Coco is a one person kind of cat, who is shy of children, and I have noticed typically hides under the bed. She sits and looks out of my balcony door over the neighborhood. The cool evening air is refreshing to us both, and suddenly I realize that I quite like having a friend with black furry ears.

My brother's mother-in-law is a German opera soprano, who teaches at TWU. She grew up in this area, and attended Mennonite Educational Institute (MEI) school while it was still in downtown Clearbrook. Their family backgrond was German Mennonite. She mentioned this to me last time we we at a family picnic. She met her husband there in grade seven, she said, and they went to high school together and years later married and now have two grown children.

When I attended their old German Mennonite church two blocks from here last Sunday night, there were pews of white haired elderly ladies and their husbands; everyone in the room seemed over seventy. They invited me in right away, and their hospitality was quite congenial. I think I will attend there in the evenings, if I don't mind the hymns.

You never know where you will find a friend--be it cat, grandma, or child.

Enjoy the new moon solstice,


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